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Flawless Nails Policies


At the time of your appointment we will take your temperature at the door and you will be asked to wash your hands before being serviced. Wearing a mask is completely optional. If we notice you coughing a lot during your service, we will politely ask you to put on a mask for sanitary and safety purposes.


Reschedule/modification policy:
Once an appointment is made, the deposit is NON REFUNDABLE. It is the customer's responsibility to reschedule or modify your appointment 48 hours before your appointment. Fail to do so, your deposit will turn into a cancellation fee. A modification is when you add or subtract services or designs, add repairs, etc. We greatly appreciate you for understanding.


Children are ONLY permitted in the salon when the child is receiving a service. For safety reasons and insurance purposes, we do not provide services to children under the age of ten years. During their appointment, children need to be able to sit still so that the technician can perform a quality service. Thank you in advance for your understanding.



10 minute grace period
15 mins $15


No Charge 48 hours prior to appt. *Reach out to salon with name & prior appt. info.

Policies: Policies
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