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Best nail salon around!! Professional and very talented artist! Clean, beautiful and fun atmosphere. Always happy when I leave 😁💖💅🏽

When I first got there I was kindly greeted by a very nice woman. She sat me down and it didn’t take long at all to be seated down to get my nails done! The staff was so nice! As a lady was doing my nails she talked to me and she knew how to keep a conversation going and exciting! She was very gentle with my hands and nails. She was kind enough to tell me tips about how to do nails, how to treat nails, and how I can do other peoples nails when I get older! She knew what she was doing with my nails! I was so stunned with my nails at the end!! I loved them so much! I recommend this nails salon to everyone!

This was my first time going there for a full set and pedi and they did an amazing job. Loved the salon and the customer service from the girls was very friendly. I will definitely be going again for the next mani & pedi!

This place does live up to it's reputation online, that is why I gave them a chance. They have a ton of 5 star reviews and to be honest the majority of other nail salons have terrible reviews, including my old salon that I did not think was that bad. I always have a good experience with this business. Staff is nice, prices are reasonable, little high but the quality is always there.

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